Sunday, March 20, 2016

Claire Update

She underwent emergency surgery this afternoon to put a shunt in to alleviate pressure that was pushing her brain down into her spinal column. That went well, but she will still need surgery shortly for a cranial vault which is very much what it sounds like. She's still not out of the woods, so keep those prayers up! Thank you all!!!

UPDATE as of 3/21
She's on morphine and zofran because of head pain and throwing up. Surgery will happen this week if neurosurgery can coordinate with plastics. It will be fairly complicated, not as straightforward as last time (last cranial vault). It will require 2 surgeries and please pray this will do the trick and a permanent shunt won't be needed.


  1. I'm so glad to read an update and see a picture, too! It's great to have a picture of who I'm praying for - thanks!

    1. I couldn't find a good one to use the first time, so I stole this off my brothers FB page :D
      I just saw one of her sitting up in her hospital bed surrounded by uncle and she was looking pleased as punch with all of the attention- nothing keeps her down for long!