Friday, November 7, 2014

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful....

We're having our first snow today


  1. I LOVE snow, so this post makes me giddy, just thinking about when we'll get snow down here (not in the forecast for any time soon, but it will come eventually).

    I also understand that not everyone feels quite so giddy at the thought of snow. ;-)

    1. I'm usually done with snow after New Years! My kiddos are giddy for it no matter when it comes!

  2. Alright- something shady is happening here. I KNOW, without a doubt, that I have commented on these last few posts but they never showed up! I remember writing about canning in winter. I remember writing about how I loved that picture of you and your girl and how you'd never in a million years guess that the dress gave you trouble... not sure what happened here. Do YOU hate me or does your blog?!

    I have been woefully behind on letter writing lately- the urge is there but not the time- which is sad. But, I have a moment now and I want to chat with you about Christmas stuff so I am going to write a faux-letter now.

    Perhaps I should make sure the comment goes through first? Yes. Let's.

  3. OKay- it looks like it worked. (But it did the other times too...) I am going to chance it.

    Have you begun your Christmas planning yet? What are you working on? I always love to hear about your projects.

    I am in need of some advice and you are just the girl to give it, methinks. A friend of mine who has many girls has been passing along American Girl Doll clothes that she has doubles/triples/quadruples of every now and again and I have been secretly tucking them away for my girls. Corynn already has an 18 in doll and Adele' really really REALLLLLY wants one. I thought making a suitcase with clothes and accessories would be a nice Christmas gift, along with a bunkbed...if I can get my mister to do it.

    BUT- at the very same time, when I was Adele's age (and all the way up until I was quite old!) I had this big baby doll (the size of a real baby) that I just absolutely adored. My mom would get me newborn clothes at yard sales so I could dress her and she was just the most wonderful thing. I am certain it was because of 'big baby' (for that was her name) that I grew to long to be a mother.

    So I am between a rock and a hard place. I know Adele' wants an 18 in doll but I really want her to have a BABY to love and not a girl. You know? I don't want her to miss out on that bit of mothering pretend and go straight to the older child play...ya know?

    What should I do? Go with the 18 incher or with a baby?

    And if it is a baby- I want it to be one that looks real-ish and fits into newborn clothes so that she can dress and diaper her too. Is that so much to ask?!?!

    Maybe I just want to relive my own childhood. Or maybe I have baby on the brain. ;-) Or maybe I am just balking at the fact that my little girl is getting bigger. I don't know.

    What do you think?

    1. I mailed you a letter Saturday so hopefully you will be getting it soon!
      Gee that is a toughy. We have dolls of every description 'round here and my girls go through phases with them. Sometimes it's babies, sometimes it's the 18". At present it's babydolls. I guess I would look at what she is more inclined to play with on a general basis- (or oogle of Corynn's) a baby or a girl. I'm sure I'm no help. And at the risk of overkill (if you can find a good deals)- do one for her birthday and one for Christmas?

    2. The problem with our November girlies is we have less time to come up with good gift between their birthdays and Christmas!

  4. Oh my goodness. Would you believe this very afternoon I received a letter answering the question of Christmas crafting I asked you just this morning. Seriously, Bonnie, the things that happen between us are seriously CRAZY freaky- crazy COOL.

    Thanks for your feedback. The baby doll we have now is so old the eyes have turned flourescent pink- so I am thinking it is time for an upgrade anyway. And a little birdie (MIL) tells me she is on the hunt for an 18incher so I think things should work out smashingly well. If I can find a baby doll that suits me (cough, ;-)

    Thanks for the letter today! Boy, was that just so perfectly timed!

    1. Hahaha! That is funny it arrived today! And I'll keep my eyes open- if I see one at a store I'll pass the info along.