Friday, August 29, 2014

At the End of August

I don't even want to talk about the garden. But at least I'm getting tomatoes. The Fair was last week (but somehow feels like it was months ago), we started school this week, it's about 80* today with the very distinct whiff of fall in the air. And the trees are turning already.


  1. I hear ya when it comes to the garden. I'm hoping the tomatoes hang on.

  2. Bonnie...I thought of you when I saw this!! SOOO cute!! :) Just wanted to past it along!

  3. Okay- you are gonna laugh- but on my www perusals this morning I came across this Obama parody and I swear- your twin is on there! Except- she's black. But she is YOUR TWIN other than that. I know- crazy.

    Anyway. It is a funny spoof anyway- but tell me you can see what I mean???

    Hope you are well, Missus.

  4. My tomatoes have just started to ripen. It's October. Whatever!