Thursday, July 24, 2014

If You Were In Suspense...

Honey is going to State Fair Competition with her canning project!

For her sewing project, she made this darling skirt, which she modeled at the county fashion show Monday  evening.

She placed 4th overall in her class

And took a blue for the actual project!

And now, if you'll excuse me, it's back to weeding. First bean harvest and freezing tomorrow! ('cuz I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon and we have no freezer bags. Or coffee.)


  1. Congratulations to Honey! That skirt is so pretty! What a talented daughter you have! Enjoy your beans-I hope the harvesting goes well.

  2. What fun!!! Congratulations and happy weeding.

  3. Thinking of you! Hope the camping adventure is going well. Heard you guys are getting swamped with rain!

  4. So Missy- what ever happened to being a regular blogger? wink

    I dwindled my blog reader down to non-commital blogs (that don't know me therefore I have no need to comment) but I couldn't delete you or Amy or my friend Abby. (I had originally, planning to write you letters to keep up, but then didn't want to have to wait for that! Plus, I love seeing your children and our blog chats.) I love you guys! So I put you back...

    You are probably in the thick of things with canning and gardening and summer things. Have you started school yet? Not I said the fly.

    Anyway- just wanted to say HULLO.

    Honey is just plain darling and ought to be proud for her craftsmanship! What a sweet girl.