Thursday, June 12, 2014


Local U-pick strawberries were 8 quarts for $14, so I headed out sans children yesterday morning and picked 2 baskets full. Discovering I was out of sugar meant canning had to wait until this morning.
11 half-pints of strawberry jam pinging on the counter top. A merry sound indeed. 

Next up is Spiced Strawberry. Then the rest are freezer bound.

(my plain ol' jam recipe is the Ball Blue Book one. I'll share the spiced on here if anyone is interested.)


  1. *ping!*
    love it, too!
    Gosh, I'll have to keep an ear open for ripe strawberries around here. I'm lost without my Berry Patch Farms and we can't seem to grow any ourselves. :)

  2. I think we missed the berry window down here. Boo.

  3. Oh delicious! Your photos make me long for strawberry season which isn't for another 4 months here. Enjoy your jam and I'd love the spiced strawberry recipe!