Friday, June 6, 2014

Afternoon Ya'll

I wasn't planning on disappearing for almost 2 months, but life happens and there you are. However, we are done with school, the basement is clean (10 years of crap in about 4 days. Durn near killed me.) and that is good.
I now present to you a pile of photos, and a few words to go along with them:


The girls dresses I made. And I had them finished the day before! Amazing!

A bit of life that has kept me so busy. There is a reason this little monkey was a number 5 instead of a number 1. It takes the rest of us to keep him semi out of mischief.

Waving our flags on "Remorial" Day

Parade watching selfie

Pumpkin planter

Pea planter

Sunflower planter

Bean planter

Path stomper

A garden post coming once it's worth looking at

Cobwebs in the coop which make me all happy since it reminds me a of a barn. Yes I'm a goof ball.
Hopefully I won't be such a stranger after this, but then again, no promises.


  1. I am jealous of your clean basement~ I am still trudging along in the Granary. Never.Stinkin'.Ending. If only it had been done in four days...

    Pretty dresses! Pretty faces!

    Littlest Mister can't possibly be a BOY yet. I don't believe it.

    You're so perdy.

    I LOVE that laundry basket....ooooh boy do I love that laundry basket!

    I got Matt a weathervane for Christmas after had had been wanting one for years. Then, a few days later, when celebrating Christmas at his parents' house- he opened up a.......WEATHERVANE. (Talk about stealing my thunder!) The only consolation is that mine was a COW one (and Matt is a cow man) and hers was a chicken one (and Matt detests the chickens). So *I* get the chicken one for the chicken house/eventual garden shed (if it ever gets built) and Matt liked my present better. ;-)

    I love that picture of your aproned girlie planting seeds in the garden with the chicken coop in the background. So beautiful!

    It is really good to "hear" from/ "see" you! I missed ya! And no- don't be a stranger!

  2. I do so love the shots of the kiddos in the garden. Happy memories they are tucking away :-)

    You have broccoli!!! Yours is waayyyy bigger than mine. What gives?! ;-)

    Wished we could have stayed for the parade. A wedding weekend is insane in-and-of-itself...

  3. Love the selfie!
    Don't be a stranger. We miss you.