Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tap Tap Tap

Blow-Blow - this thing on?

Well howdy! Long time no blog! Partly because the night of my last post, everyone but me went down with the flu, (and no one ever fully recovered before we got hit with something else, wash rinse repeat until Spring and we could be outside and have the windows open), and mostly because life has been busy. I'm in the home stretch of finally, finally completely cleaning and organizing the basement. Honestly, if I wasn't waiting for the soup to come to a simmer, I wouldn't even be posting right now, because I'm that close to being done (hallelujah!). Between January and now, I hosted two 100+ in attendance funeral dinners at our church in less than a month, helped with VBS, had a crappy garden, took my twelve year old to State Fair, husband was laid off several times, homeschooling all 5 of the kids, you get the idea. Blogging has been laid aside for the foreseeable future. But. I AM on Instagram. Actually, IG is like the new blogging for me. Blurbs here and there, no pressure to have some brilliantly informative post, quick because I can do it from my phone (could never get anything to post on my blog from my phone) instead of loading pictures from my camera, fighting with the format, etc. etc.
Anyway, come visit me there if you'd like.

Signing off~

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