Monday, January 9, 2017

Auld Lang Syne

these darn peat pots never work for me, and I still keep trying


So glad we didn't buy the property next to us. They brush hogged it and it's even wetter than we realized.

A very warm March meant I got my raised bed planted, then covered with a garden blanket. 

Worked a treat!

Garden jewels.

Dandelion salve, plantain salve, and jewel weed salve (which was a saving grace when A. got poison sumac. this was the only thing that gave her any relief.)

a walk along a nearby(ish) river

the farm children

All of my siblings and my parents at my sisters wedding  Memorial day weekend. My brother on the far right leaves at the end of the month for Marine boot camp. Still not used to that idea.

My black holly hocks bloomed this year! They were *stunning*.

Nearly all home grown frittata

farm harvest

I had another Little House Day, that will be a post of it's own.

A. went to State Fair with her sewing project!

new apron. I'm trying to find the perfect apron pattern. this is nice, but not it.

I froze the tomatoes as they ripened, then pulled them all out of the freezer and canned them as sauce and soup in November.

homemade sausage

Kale bouquet

the farm children in their natural state

A few picture snippets from our year. 
I've been quiet in general, not even reading my favorite blogs. I was getting overwhelmed by life, feeling like I had to keep up with every single blog I read, planning wedding showers and helping plan weddings, and and and. So I quit all the extra fluff- even when I didn't want to- cold turkey. That was awful and the best thing all rolled into one. And now I'm slowly adding back what I truly missed, which wasn't nearly as much as I expected. I'm hoping to be back here, I miss blogging.
The kiddo's are getting big. Oh my are they getting big.
I naively thought that once I didn't have a baby anymore, I would find more time to do things. Wrong.
But that's alright. I'm learning to reprioritize, and to plan out, and rearrange, and change how "Ive always done it" to "how I need to do it now". 
A season to everything.


  1. I am so glad to see you back Bonnie! I hope it continues because I have really, truly, honest-to-goodness missed hearing from you and about all the things happening in your life. I worried a bit but would use those moments to pray for you- you weren't far from my mind in 2016.

    Looks like a fruitful, full to bursting, abundant year! I can't believe how the children have grown! Funny how differently our needs are at different times...good for you for knowing (and, better still DOING) what was needed to help you through. Praying you feel less overwhelmed and more rested this year. Happy 2017!