Monday, July 14, 2014

Up To Date (ish)

So, almost as soon as I hit publish on the last post, B. called to let me know that the guys were coming to dig up various parts of our backyard to fix our water issues. Enter yet another week of crazy.
This week is proving to be busy too, but a *manageable* busy. Knock on wood.
And I am DESPERATE to get out to the garden. It needs weeding. And then I'll post pictures.
So here are the pictures that happened between water softeners and washers fritzing, speed basement cleaning, wedding showers and weddings, an abominably long trip to the launder mat, taking parents out for birthdays and Mothers/Fathers Day, gardening like crazy, getting a camper, a living-room full of new to us furniture, an unexpected funeral, family reunions, and canning, and all of the other little things that have eaten up our days.

My garlic scaped and they were delicious. 

My sister Anna and I were in a friends wedding

My other 3 sisters sang. I wish I had a recording of it- they NAILED all of the songs!

It was a looonnnggg day for the kiddos, especially Sprout.

Hot hot temps warranted a pool I was planning on hopping in to, but it hasn't happened. Yet.

B. has been saving and working over and selling things to buy me (all of us) this:
An amazing gift of love and sacrifices to be enjoyed in the years to come (pretty much only at the fair)
I don't deserve such a thing. But I love it.

It can double as a "guest house". Hint hint.

This is the only picture I took July 4th weekend

These were out back for the last week. My kiddos haven't played outside since last Saturday, too many large machines and holes/pits/trenches. And today it's rainy. Hopefully tomorrow.

A bunch of things didn't happen (like my fruit plans and the herb bed expansion (which I had to dig up thanks to the water work) ), but as it turns out that was good since they would have been ruined thanks to the water stuff. And I *finally* conquered crock-pot yogurt! 
Honey's first 4-H project judging is Friday, so I'm off now to help her can applesauce. Yes, the final project they have her doing is apple sauce.
I'm going to try to post at least every other day, even if its' just a picture. Try being the key word.


  1. Wow- I can't believe that list of things! What ever happened to the dog days of summer? Right? Dog-tired, maybe.

    I am jealous of your fancy dress wearing (you look lovely!). I need some unmarried friends just so I can be an almost-princess for a day again.

    That camper? Beyond perfect for you guys and your fair adventuring! I never realized how spacious campers can be- it is like a HOUSE! People could LIVE in that, not just vacation in it! And that whole guesthouse idea is brilliant. So---when can we come? ;-)

    I personally look forward to hearing more from you via blogdom- even once a week would be a welcome treat!

    Lots of love~

  2. You look lovely in the dress!!!

    The kiddos have been in the pool almost daily here. Today is BEAUTIFUL, though.

    We've had company for the past 2 weeks. Coming up for air before this little one arrives.

    Love the camper! It will be so nice to not have to shuffle kids back and forth for naps! Sad that we will be missing the fair this year :-(

  3. You are so pretty! That dress is a darling colour and suits you. I am one of five girls too. I am the eldest.
    The camper is amazing! I'm sure you will get loads of use out of it.
    Have a lovely day