Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ain't No April Fools Joke

Nope, this really is a post from me. And there is a good reason I never posted from the rest of January straight through to now. Every post would have said "Today it snowed." and had this photo accompanying it. And since most of you could look out your own windows and see the same thing, what would make my snow any more exciting?

I suppose there would have been a few interesting things mixed in, like seed catalogs, orders and first plantings...

And these two little monkeys who think wrestling on my lap while I try to drink coffee is just the best thing ever.

And the snow *finally* melting (hallelujah thank-you Jesus)

And the tomatoes the kiddos and I planted last week finally coming up.

Not to mention birthdays (I didn't make a thing by the way. Store-bought birthday presents all around. Also, I'm not sewing dresses for the girls for Easter. I'm not even sure who I am anymore.), a trip to the ER (again) for Sprout not two days after my last post. For those interested, he swallowed a penny. And kept saying "Penny stuck fwoat. Hurht." Fortunately it was *not* stuck fwoat, and made it's appearance a few days later.
Then just 10 days ago, the 70 lb. "puppy" decided to buck the rules and try to jump into bed with Biscuit. Which resulted in a humdinger of a scratched cornea.
Best of all though, is one of my sisters got engaged right after Christmas (to her best friends older brother- they've known each other nearly their entire lives, but had only been dating about three and half months), and so every spare minute or two has been spent planning and working on her wedding shower, which at present has a guest list of well over a hundred and before thinking it through, I decided a tea party would be good. And it will be, but I am a HORRIBLE delegator and feel guilty asking people to do things. But it will be fine. And lovely. And there you are.