Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Late Canning

I washed, cored and froze the tomatoes as they trickled in this summer. I think we got around 8-10 gallons? (of actual tomatoes) Anyway, with gun season for deer, and Christmas baking looming in the very near future, I needed to clear some space in the freezer. So today we are canning. Tomorrow we do applesauce and Saturday, the deer B.'s co-workers son shot. And maybe some more mushroom soup.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It Seems...

...That the main computer has resolved it's issues. That or B.'s erase all history/cache move fixed it. Anyway, it's been working all day today, so giddyup for that.
Here's a picture of Muffin and me getting ready for my middle brothers wedding last weekend. She was the flower girl and I made her dress. Which was one of the most awful patterns I've ever made and I threw it out when I was done. (wrong yardages, wrong zipper length, too much skirt material for the size I made, etc. I've been sewing for 20+ years, it wasn't just me.)
Sprout gets his cast off Monday (hallelujah, I've been clipped in the face with that thing one too many times), so if the computer is still functioning, my goal is a post Tuesday. But then I've said things like that before.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A quick howdy do

Really, I don't mean to keep abandoning my blog. I have lots I want to say. I had a big ol' photo dump planned. And then life keeps getting in the way. Just in the last week, the dishwasher went on the frit ( hand washing dishes for 7 people and we make every last blessed thing from scratch. That equals a lot of dishes.), I finished pulling the garden and all of the weeds out by hand, Sprout fell and fractured his elbow (which meant leaving our bonfire party early to take him to the ER, followed by a trip to a different ER so he could be casted (fingers to armpit) and finally getting home after midnight), having to put B.'s dog of 13 years down (heartbroken children), the big computer going on the fritz (no Internet service), and my having to sleep with Sprout because his cast is bothering him and makes it difficult to get comfortable. I havent actually slept per se nice Sunday. I've catnapped. Lots of fun.
I can at least post from the iPad, but I can't post pictures. Just so's ya know I ain't dead.
Be back.... eventually. Over and out.