Monday, June 30, 2014

The End Is Nigh!

The end of the craziest, busiest, not the most fun 3 months I think we've ever had. Ever. And I am SO ready. Hopefully a big ol' everything post will happen this week (and that jam recipe Renata!), but I have 2 things to finish/mostly finish first. Because they are more or less time sensitive. So for now, a picture of Honey's meat chicks for 4-H to hold you over. They'll be a week old Wednesday and are already getting to the ugly phase. (Sniff sniff. my first baby is already old enough for 4-H :(  )

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Local U-pick strawberries were 8 quarts for $14, so I headed out sans children yesterday morning and picked 2 baskets full. Discovering I was out of sugar meant canning had to wait until this morning.
11 half-pints of strawberry jam pinging on the counter top. A merry sound indeed. 

Next up is Spiced Strawberry. Then the rest are freezer bound.

(my plain ol' jam recipe is the Ball Blue Book one. I'll share the spiced on here if anyone is interested.)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Afternoon Ya'll

I wasn't planning on disappearing for almost 2 months, but life happens and there you are. However, we are done with school, the basement is clean (10 years of crap in about 4 days. Durn near killed me.) and that is good.
I now present to you a pile of photos, and a few words to go along with them:


The girls dresses I made. And I had them finished the day before! Amazing!

A bit of life that has kept me so busy. There is a reason this little monkey was a number 5 instead of a number 1. It takes the rest of us to keep him semi out of mischief.

Waving our flags on "Remorial" Day

Parade watching selfie

Pumpkin planter

Pea planter

Sunflower planter

Bean planter

Path stomper

A garden post coming once it's worth looking at

Cobwebs in the coop which make me all happy since it reminds me a of a barn. Yes I'm a goof ball.
Hopefully I won't be such a stranger after this, but then again, no promises.